The best e-commerce copy you can have creates and improves e-commerce copy with an AI's secret sauce

Create missing product descriptions
Save time and money - let do the mundane work and fill the product descriptions for you
Analyse quality of your existing copy

Is your content good enough? knows how to improve performance of your current copy
Tailored for your audience

With you can quickly A/B Test different copy to find what resonates with your customers

We will customise to your business

but don't want to spend your time and money on copywriters?

Ready to increase sales with the unique content is a new way to create and impove content using artificial intelligence
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How it works

Сonnect to your e-commerce platform
CopyMonkey works directly with your product catalog
Generate missing copy in a few clicks and publish to the store
Analyse your existing product copy with AI and improve it
Automatically A/B test your copy and find what works the best for your audience
Use plugin in Shopify

Can your copy perform better?

Get more customers by increasing your position in search rankings
Web-pages are almost invisible to the search engines without product descriptions. Having unique descriptions is one of the main ways to increase your search rankings
Increase your conversion rate
Ordinary or missing product descriptions decrease possible sales. Unique descriptions help your customers to make the right decision and increase trust in your brand
Tell us about your workflow

We will customise to your business

Need another integration?
Does generate unique and original descriptions?
Yes, all descriptions are unique and original. You will always receive different descriptions for the same product with the same tags.
What information do we need to generate descriptions?
You can use type, name, brand name and any interesting details about the product in a tag format.
Do you have an API?
Yes, you can integrate our service using the API. To do this, just contact us for details.
What languages do you support?
CopyMonkey writes in English and Russian at the moment. If you are interested in other languages, please let us know.
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